New prospects in the treatment of intraocular infection

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Item Type Journal Article
Title [New prospects in the treatment of intraocular infection]
Author Iuzhakov, A M
Author Bykov, V P
Author Ziurniaeva, I D
Author Gogodze, M G
Abstract Clinical trials were carried out on 55 patients (55 eyes) divided into 2 groups. The main group consisted of 27 patients treated by a therapeutic complex including vitrectomy with ozonized normal saline and the controls (28 pts) were treated by vitrectomy with intravitreal administration of 0.4 mg gentamicin. The diagnosis was made by clinical and laboratory methods. The volume of liquid used in vitrectomy was recorded. Ozonized saline was to be used within the period during which the therapeutic concentration of ozone was retained. Ozonized saline in therapeutic doses is not toxic and in contrast to antibiotics, is characterized by a wide spectrum of effects. Hence, vitrectomy with ozonized normal saline is a new effective method for treating endophthalmitis.
Publication Vestnik Oftalmologii
Volume 116
Issue 2
Pages 20-22
Date 2000 Jan-Feb
Journal Abbr Vestn Oftalmol
ISSN 0042-465X
Accessed 2010-02-18 17:35:44
Library Catalog NCBI PubMed
Extra PMID: 11055218

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