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Title [Effects of ozone therapy on the functional activity of the retina in patients with involutional central chorioretinal dystrophy]
Author Neroev, V V
Author Zueva, M V
Author Tsapenko, I V
Author Khandzhian, A T
Abstract The retinal electrogenesis was studied in central chorioretinal dystrophy (CCRD) of different stages. The general peculiarities of the ozone-therapy influence on the functional retinal activity typical of any CCRD stage were detected; they comprise: an increasing activity of neurons in the muscular region and a specificity related with the dynamic functional activity of the retinal peripheral segments peculiar of each disease stage. A sharp growth of glial index Cg (b/R12) detected in all patients is indicative of an activated metabolism of Mueller glial cells and of impaired glial-neuron relations in the retina as observed in CCRD. A decreasing Cg, observed after ozone-therapy, is an indirect confirmation of anti-hypoxic effect produced by ozone, which can be regarded as a patho-physiological mechanism of its positive influence on the dynamics of the functional retinal activity. Ozone-therapy is recommended to be implemented with the electroretinography monitoring.
Publication Vestnik Oftalmologii
Volume 119
Issue 6
Pages 18-21
Date 2003 Nov-Dec
Journal Abbr Vestn Oftalmol
ISSN 0042-465X
URL http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/14708167
Accessed 2010-02-18 17:37:13
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Extra PMID: 14708167
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Title Effects of oxygen-ozone therapy on age-related degenerative retinal maculopathy
Author Riva Sanseverino, E
Author Meduri, R A
Author Pizzino, A
Author Prantera, M
Author Martini, E
Abstract The effects of oxygen-ozone therapy on 20 patients affected by age-related degenerative maculopathy have been studied. Visual acuity and eye fluorangiography were the parameters used in order to evaluate the efficacy of the therapy. Medical ozone was administered intravenously according to the technique called "ozonized major autohemoinfusion", the total amount of ozone ranging from 1,500 to 2,000 micrograms per session for a 4 months period. The results have indicated that the majority of patients showed an improvement of their ocular condition, suggesting continuation of this type of investigation on a larger group of people.
Publication Panminerva Medica
Volume 32
Issue 2
Pages 77-84
Date 1990 Apr-Jun
Journal Abbr Panminerva Med
ISSN 0031-0808
URL http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/2250978
Accessed 2010-02-18 17:37:49
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Item Type Journal Article
Title [Effectiveness of the ozone therapy, magnetism and electrostimulation in patients with pigmentary retinosis and glaucoma]
Author García Espinosa, Sarah María
Author Freyre Luque, Rásife
Author Fernández Pérez, Sonia Rafaela
Author Dager Salomón, Melek
Author García Mayet, Idalmis
Abstract A study of evaluation of the therapeutic effectiveness in 21 patients with pigmentary retinosis associated to glaucoma was carried out. They were assisted in the Pigmentary Retinosis Clinic of Santiago de Cuba from May, 2008 to May, 2009. The values of visual acuity, visual field and tomography of the optic nerve allowed to measure the effectiveness of the treatments with ozone, magnetism and electrostimulation, when comparing the results of the visual quantifications obtained within a month with those made before beginning the therapy. The chronic glaucoma of open angle and the typical retinosis of autosomal recessive inheritance prevailed, as well as procedures such as trabeculectomy and revitalizing temporary surgery, respectively, with improvements or stability of the clinical pattern, confirmed through the modifications in the parameters after having applied the triple therapy. Favorable changes took place in most of the members of the case material. Key Words: pigmentary retinosis, glaucoma, chronic glaucoma of open angle, typical retinosis with autosomal recessive inheritance, visual acuity, visual field, tomography of the optic nerve, ozone therapy, magnetism, electrostimulation
Publication Medisan
Volume 14
Issue 4
Pages 453-463
Date 06/2010
Journal Abbr Medisan
Language Spanish
ISSN 1029-3019
URL http://bases.bireme.br/cgi-bin/wxislind.exe/iah/online/?IsisScript=iah/iah.xis&src=google&base=LILACS&lang=p&nextAction=lnk&exprSearch=576646&indexSearch=ID
Accessed 2011-12-15 20:53:29
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