13 Octubre 2016

Gaetano Cuccio, Marianno Franzini


Gaetano Cucci

Doctor II Master Oxygen-Ozone University of Pavia, Pavia, Italy


Marianno Franzini

Oxygen-Ozone Therapy Scientific Society, Gorle (BG), Italy




The panniculosis or edematous fibrosclerotic panniculopathy (PEFS), commonly called cellulite is a subcutaneous adipose disease that afflicts the vast majority of women at all ages. PEFS is framed as a subcutaneous adipose suffering from venous and lymphatic stasis whose etiology is multifactorial. Many others are the implications and clinical relapses of diseases of inflammatory or autoimmune basis that determine disease states with involvement of the patient’s general conditions. The oxygen-ozone therapy, thanks to its abilities of improving the rheological properties of the microcirculation, immuno-modulating and anti-inflammatory abnormalities, arises as adjuvant and is a valid method, which is also an alternative compared to conventional protocols.




Cellulite; Oxygen-ozone; Adipose Tissue; Microcirculation.



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11 Febrero 2015
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Item Type Journal Article
Title [Use of ozone therapy and hydro-pressure technologies in complex intensive therapy of surgical sepsis]
Author Parkhisenko, Iu A
Author Glukhov, A A
Abstract Results of treatment of 214 patients with severe sepsis and septic shock were analyzed. 125 patients treated with various methods of ozonotherapy and hydropressive sanation of infectious foci formed the study group. Control group consisted of 89 patients treated according to generally accepted principles. Comparative analysis of treatment efficacy was carried out with numerous laboratory and instrumental study methods. It is shown that ozonotherapy and hydropressive technologies reduced a lethality from 39.2% in the control group to 25.6% in the study group.
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11 Febrero 2015
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Item Type Journal Article
Title Una solución para exposiciones óseas postraumáticas: asociación de injerto de epiplon mayor con ozonoterapia
Author Escarpanter Buliés, Julio César
Abstract Before the frequency of injuries with posttraumatic osteal exposition of the limbs,it is reported the use of greater omentum joined to ozonotherapy as a practical solution to correct these defects, with association to the exposition of the fracture focus in the presence or not of local infection. It is demonstrated how with the association of these methods cure time may be shortened due to the early appearance of granulation tissue even on osteal surfaces, local inflammatory signs decrease in a septic medium with no signs of biological rejection, and wasting material, anesthetics, drugs, and stay length may be saved on taking the graft from patients operated on by puerperal ligatures, previous acceptation of donors and receivers. The graft implantation is performed local anesthesia and there is no previous preparation of the injured patient. It is fixed with alternative sutures, its cost is very low, and the patient feels highly satisfied.
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